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Encore Esports LLC prides itself on cultivating the growth of Esports. For any inquiries please Call (646)203-8087.

How it all Started

Owner, Govinda Raghubar, and manager, Ryan O’Hara, were among some of the top competitors in World of Warcraft and developed a successful raiding guild. After ranking 200th in the nation in 2013, Govinda and Ryan kept striving for more until they finally jumped to 5th in the nation in 2017. It was after this accolade when the two decided to pursue their dreams of owning a gaming lounge. Hence, Encore E-Sports of New Rochelle was born. 


Encore E-Sports understands the future of E-Sports and strives to provide exceptional gaming experiences and community integration. Including thrilling watch parties, intense tournaments, exciting party events, and impactful gaming sessions, Encore Gaming is revolutionizing the E-Sports community.


Mission Statement

With all eyes on future gaming, our team at Encore Esports has set out to host great events and develop an exceptionally talented and passionate community. As a family, we wish to bridge the gap between professional esports and raise competition by cultivating a space where people can meet friends and hone their skills.